"We are in awe of the story God has given us; He has shown that He is good at restoration, that it's okay to love again, and that we're never finished being made into God's best version of us."

Matt & Kari Perkins | The Family Blend!

About Us

Up until 2016, Matt and Kari’s worlds couldn’t have been farther apart, yet run so parallel. Both married to their first loves at 19, serving in pastoral ministry throughout their married life. 2015 brought major change…Matt, suddenly a widower with two daughters after losing his wife to breast cancer. Four months later, Kari found herself widowed with five boys after tragically losing her husband to a sudden heart attack. It was the most tragic year for both families. Both impacted by loss….yet still clinging to their faith. Matt and Kari met over a cup of coffee in 2016 and found that they had an unbelievably similar journey. They found that they had much in common; and they also found love in relating to their healing.

Their lives remain strongly rooted in ministry as Matt serves as Worship Arts Pastor at Peoples Church in Fresno, California.  In addition, they enjoy opportunities to share their journey to to inspire hope after loss, through life and in love.

God continues to write their story…


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