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About Matt & Kari

By most people’s opinions, they were living the dream…a fairy tale life.  They met as teenagers, married at 19…spent their married lives serving in ministry.  Life was good…not without it’s challenges, but it was fulfilling.

Matt and Kari have seemingly lived parallel lives, yet worlds apart.

In August, 2014, Matt Perkins accepted the role as Worship Pastor at Peoples Church in Fresno, California and moved from Orlando, Florida with his wife, Marybeth, and two daughters.  It was a short time after the move that Marybeth was diagnosed with “triple negative breast cancer’”.  Despite clinging to their faith, and aggressive treatment over the next number of months, Marybeth passed away on July 29, 2015, less than one year after they moved to California.

Kari served alongside her husband Eddie, the children’s pastor at NorthPointe Church in Fresno for nearly 15 years. Together with their five boys, ministry and serving was apart of who they were. But on Sunday, November 22, 2015, life dramatically changed when Eddie suddenly passed away of a heart attack following speaking at the first of four services.  2015 was the most tragic year for both families.  Both impacted by loss….yet still clinging to their faith.

Matt and Kari met over a cup of coffee in 2016 and found that they had an unbelievably similar journey. They found that they had much in common; and they also found love in relating to their healing. God continued to write their story…On August 18, 2017, Matt and Kari were married with their combined 7 children at their side.

God is using them both to share their journey with others who have experienced loss and now are “blending while mending”.  Through their transparency, they hope that their journey can inspire others to know that God can bring beauty from the ashes.

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